Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories 2021 (FIVARS)

Due to Popular Demand FIVARS event has been extended until March 9th 2021 

“The Most Cutting-Edge Storytelling Festival in the World.”
~ Huffington Post

The Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories is a global leader in curating the finest in immersive storytelling – celebrating 5 years! FIVARS is about building a cultural awareness around this new leading edge technology,” says VBAReality founder Joseph Ellsworth “While at times we may choose to still enjoy a window view through a cinema, or television screen, we now have the potential of entering into the experience and being at the heart of the story.

Don’t Miss the FIVARS Dome Theatre

The Land of Milk and Honey, Director Lisa Birke, Canada. 11m 02s
A 360 degree video space of plenty starts to break apart to reveal the messy constructs (and special effects) holding the illusion together. The Land of Milk and Honey grapples with fertility, loss and the physical, poetic and psychological complexities of the human body.

Registration link —>  https://tinyurl.com/3oa4x4dn  

Registration link —>  https://tinyurl.com/3oa4x4dn
Frozen Tears (VR-Therapy)
Title: Frozen Tears (VR-Therapy)
Director: Jannik Tesch
Frozen Tears is a documentary VR-film that portrays a group therapy session with 6 actors and a real psychotherapist. Except for the character’s biographies, everything is improvised. The film was produced at the request of the psychotherapist, Jörg Albers, who uses his own unique method of exposure therapy.
Title: Welcome to the Other Side – Zero Gravity
Director: Jean-Michel Jarre
Country: France
Runtime: 4m 49s
Jean-Michel Jarre performed live from a studio near the cathedral in Paris, while his avatar played inside a virtual Notre-Dame. The 45-minute concert—featuring tracks from Jarre’s most recent GRAMMY-nominated opus Electronica, as well as new reworked versions of his classics, Oxygène and Equinoxe – gave the world a virtual inside look at the legendary landmark in a futuristic and festive way. ‘Zero Gravity’ is one of the tracks featured during the live 6DoF event, captured here in 360 VR.
Spiral of Strength
A poetic inner journey created with the music of Steve Roach and the visuals of Audri Phillips. Audri Phillips, VJ/3D animator, content creator, immersive media specialist, based out of Los Angeles with a wide range of experience that includes over 25 years working in the visual effects/entertainment industry. Her full-dome pieces, mixed reality, animations and paintings have been shown in festivals and conferences around the world. She is the co-founder and director of Robot Prayers an immersive transmedia project which explores AI and our hybrid identities in a world where man and machine are melding, a resident artist at Vortex Domes, member of the Intel Innovators Group, ADN (Autodesk Developers Network), and a consultant/researcher for a technology company, Stratus Systems.