The Future of Transportation – Rotao Hybrid Transport System

The Rotao hybrid transportation system is a multi-layer transportation system formed by adding Rotao elevated tracks and ancillary facilities above the original road traffic. The transportation system is called a hybrid transportation system not only because it applies both ground-level and elevated transport, but also because the elevated track can be used by a mixture of buses, commercial vehicles, and private cars.

Urban rail transit and buses include most of the applications of urban public transportation. Urban rail transit includes subways, light rails, monorails, suspended monorails and street cars, etc., which are used on routes with higher ridership. Buses are used on routes with lower ridership. Rail transit usually uses overhead or tunnel methods in areas with high population density and more congested traffic.

The current urban rail transit has the following challenges or shortcomings: (1) The insanely high construction cost of the elevated structures or underground tunnels; (2) the long construction period with impact of surrounding communities; (3) the long station spacing and the long walking distance from the ground to the platform; (4) The excessively high turnout construction difficulty which limits the flexibility of the application; (5) The low friction coefficient between the wheel and the track , which leads to a long acceleration and braking distance, and also limits its use on slopes and use on wet and slippery areas covered by rain and snow.

In summary, no matter the existing rail transit or buses, they have their inherent limitations. The Rotao hybrid public transportation system, as a part of a new generation of the transportation system, can adopt the points of rail transit and buses and avoid their shortcomings. It will become the optimal choice for urban transportation and even intercity transportation in the foreseeable future.

The Rotao hybrid transportation system includes the existing surficial transportation and the elevated track built above it. The speed limit for ground transportation is compliant with the traffic regulations, usually 50-60 kph. The speed limit on the track is 80-90 kph in urban areas and residential areas, 110-120 kph in suburbs and industrial areas, and 140-150 kph in outer suburbs and intercity. These limits are estimated according to the noise impact of the surrounding environment by high-speed traffic. If only based on safety and reliability considerations, the speed may be higher.

The Rotao elevated track has the following main features: (1) The highly modular production and erection mode reduces construction time and cost, and reduces the impact on surrounding communities; (2) powers vehicles on the track and charges the vehicle’s batteries. (3) The elevated track does not affect ground traffic with long girder span and no road width reduction. (4) The optimization of the vertical space can ensure that the elevated track deck is lower, and the urban rail will expand to form a multi-layer rail transit in the future. At the intersection of the two tracks, the upper track can still keep a lower deck height. For other features of Rotao Elevated Track, please refer to the introduction of “Rotao Elevated Track”

In summary, compared to other rail transit systems, the Rotao hybrid transportation system has lower cost, greater ridership, lower construction time, shorter stop spacing, higher average operating speed, stronger resistance to severe weather, and can be used as a charging tool for surficial electric buses. While being used as public transportation, it also provides a series of value-added solutions such as affordable automated logistics, mobile offices, mobile workshops, mobile homes, etc.

Why are Trademarks so important?

Trademarks are symbols, words, or images that connect a service or product to the companies they originate from. Their concept has been around for hundreds of years as they were used early on as a means to recognize the origin or authenticity of different products. In modern days symbols, such as R, TM, and SM, signify the legal protection given to a specific logo, product, brand or service name, following a Trademark registration through a regional intellectual property office

1. Trademarking is a concept as old as commerce.

Early forms of trademarks were commonly present throughout ancient Egypt and China as far back as 600 BCE.

Here are some historical milestone in the history of trademark:

  • The baker’s Marking Law of 1226: The British Parliament first legislation concerning trademarks, which required every baker to put a unique mark on the bread they produced.
  • Britain 1618: The first legal case to mention the use of a trademark as a badge of origin (for cloth) – though the case itself concerned the sale of counterfeit jewels.
  • France, June 1857: The first comprehensive trademark system was established by the Law on Marks of Manufacture and Trade (Loi Sur Les Marques de Fabrique et de Commerce).
  • London in England, 1876: The Trademarks Registration Office opened and the first registered trademark was that of the beer company Bass & Co. Applied for on January 1st and still valid.
  • France, 1883: Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property was agreed. An international convention relating to trademark and other industrial property rights under the national legislation of its 11 member countries. As of 2017, the Convention has 177 members. This international agreement was the first major step taken to help creators ensure that their intellectual works were protected in other countries.

2 . Trademarks matter to SMEs

A European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) report suggests SMES with intellectual property (IP) rights have a 32% higher revenue per employee. After a trademark registration, 54% report a positive impact, through an increase of reputation, turnover and access to new markets. Any type of business with competitors can benefit from owning a trademark and therefore should apply for trademark registration.

3. Trademarks are important for creative businesses.

A combination of Copyrights and Trademarks will offer adequate protection for businesses in the creative sectors. Copyrights will protect their creative works and efforts, and a Trademark registration will protect the brand.

From your favorite music or movie studio name and or logo; to your favorite band or artist. Trademarks are everywhere and are often the subject of epic legal battles.

4. Trademarks help differentiate artists works

Artists should consider a trademark registration to distinguish their works from others.

When Pablo Picasso died he left a multi-billion dollar empire of some 45,000 works, all complicated by countless authentications, rights, and licensing deals to his heirs. There were 1,885 paintings, 1,228 sculptures, 7,089 drawings, 30,000 prints, 150 sketchbooks, and 3,222 ceramic works.

5. The oldest trademarks are beers marks

Contenders for the oldest continuously used trademark in the world are LOWENBRAU, which claims use since 1383, and STELLA ARTOIS, which claims use since 1366 and coca-cola in 1886

Other marks such as WIELICKA and WEINHENSTEPHANER initially started as an appellation of origin in Germany in 1241 and 1040.

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Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories 2021 (FIVARS)

Due to Popular Demand FIVARS event has been extended until March 9th 2021 

“The Most Cutting-Edge Storytelling Festival in the World.”
~ Huffington Post

The Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories is a global leader in curating the finest in immersive storytelling – celebrating 5 years! FIVARS is about building a cultural awareness around this new leading edge technology,” says VBAReality founder Joseph Ellsworth “While at times we may choose to still enjoy a window view through a cinema, or television screen, we now have the potential of entering into the experience and being at the heart of the story.

Don’t Miss the FIVARS Dome Theatre

The Land of Milk and Honey, Director Lisa Birke, Canada. 11m 02s
A 360 degree video space of plenty starts to break apart to reveal the messy constructs (and special effects) holding the illusion together. The Land of Milk and Honey grapples with fertility, loss and the physical, poetic and psychological complexities of the human body.

Registration link —>  

Registration link —>
Frozen Tears (VR-Therapy)
Title: Frozen Tears (VR-Therapy)
Director: Jannik Tesch
Frozen Tears is a documentary VR-film that portrays a group therapy session with 6 actors and a real psychotherapist. Except for the character’s biographies, everything is improvised. The film was produced at the request of the psychotherapist, Jörg Albers, who uses his own unique method of exposure therapy.
Title: Welcome to the Other Side – Zero Gravity
Director: Jean-Michel Jarre
Country: France
Runtime: 4m 49s
Jean-Michel Jarre performed live from a studio near the cathedral in Paris, while his avatar played inside a virtual Notre-Dame. The 45-minute concert—featuring tracks from Jarre’s most recent GRAMMY-nominated opus Electronica, as well as new reworked versions of his classics, Oxygène and Equinoxe – gave the world a virtual inside look at the legendary landmark in a futuristic and festive way. ‘Zero Gravity’ is one of the tracks featured during the live 6DoF event, captured here in 360 VR.
Spiral of Strength
A poetic inner journey created with the music of Steve Roach and the visuals of Audri Phillips. Audri Phillips, VJ/3D animator, content creator, immersive media specialist, based out of Los Angeles with a wide range of experience that includes over 25 years working in the visual effects/entertainment industry. Her full-dome pieces, mixed reality, animations and paintings have been shown in festivals and conferences around the world. She is the co-founder and director of Robot Prayers an immersive transmedia project which explores AI and our hybrid identities in a world where man and machine are melding, a resident artist at Vortex Domes, member of the Intel Innovators Group, ADN (Autodesk Developers Network), and a consultant/researcher for a technology company, Stratus Systems.

Chromebooks overtake Macs in market share for the first time

Computers powered by Google’s Chrome OS have outsold Apple’s computers in individual quarters before, but 2020 was the first full year that Chrome OS took……………

Consultancy IDC tracked the use of operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows or Apple’s macOS. It found Chrome OS, used by the Google-powered laptops, took second place from macOS for the first time. The system – widely used in cheap laptops handed out to school pupils for remote learning – now has a 10.8% market share, IDC said.

The analysis, first reported by tech news site Geekwire, found that despite losing second place, MacOS’s market share grew from 6.7% to 7.5% in 2020, at the expense of Microsoft Windows.

This is a big win for Google and a warning for both Apple and Microsoft. It also signals to app and game developers that Chrome OS can no longer be ignored. Many of the purchases were made by big buyers like schools and even national educational bodies – but parents also played a role.

“There’s no doubt there’s a lot of consumers who had to go out and buy cheaper notebooks for younger children – so they didn’t want to spend a huge amount of money,” Mr Atwal said.

“It’s the right type of device, at the right time, for the right purpose.”

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How to enhance your gaming experience

Brands are launching accessible products that can seamlessly enhance roleplay. These innovations boast voice-changing capabilities or even enable users to speak to each other, despite language barriers.

The Conceptual Nintendo Switch Joy-Glasses by James Tsai are Immersive

James Tsai designed as an immersive hardware solution for gamers that are focused on providing users with a next-gen kind of experience with the namesake console. The glasses maintain an augmented reality (AR) functionality that will make them perfect for bringing gameplay to life in a new way. 

VR Noble will be opening their doors soon in March. To get to know more follow

Acer Launched SigridWave, an In-Game Live AI Translator

Acer launched SigridWave, a live in-game AI translator that, with the help of deep learning technology, wants to improve the communication between gamers from different countries that speak different languages.

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Wellness Devices to Mask-Sanitizing Latest Gadget Concepts 2021

The Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool is one of the latest appliances from the technology brand that aims to deliver exceptional cleaning and comfort capabilities for users when utilized in the home. The unit boasts a three-in-one profile that will work to purify the air, add humidity, and offer heat relief to maximize the number of tasks that a single appliance can do.

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool

Uster’ UVC Sterilizing Light

The need to sanitize surfaces, technology, and more has become imperative for many consumers looking to get back to their daily life in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, so brands are responding with products like the ‘Uster’ UVC Sterilizing Light.

The wand-like device works in one of three modes including handheld, hanging, and standing that will enable users to customize the way in which it operates. A series of 16 UV lights are built into the unit consisting of six UV-C and 10 UVA that will work to eradicate 99.9% of the bacteria and germs that could be lurking on the surface of products.

The ‘Manara’ minimalist desk lamp is a design-conscious fixture for the home or office that will bring a touch of intelligence to the simple process of illuminating a space. Designed by Australia-based startup design company Project57, the lamp enables users to customize the functionality to suit their specific needs or preferences. This could include changing the color, gradient, or brightness level to suit their space and help them enjoy a healthier level of illumination that doesn’t detract from their aesthetic.
‘Proof of Health’

Estimote, a startup company that focuses on Bluetooth technology, created a new product that could help contact tracing efforts to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Steve Cheney, the co-founder of the company, puts forth his belief that the device could play a role in enhancing workplace safety for essential workers.

The device is named ‘Proof of Health’ and it features a passive GPS, as well as Bluetooth and an ultra-wideband radio, and built-in LTE. The device has settings depending on the user’s health, which can be changed if they have been exposed to a potential infection. Following this, the device will be able to indicate the other people the user has come in contact with. Overall the device could help employers improve contact tracing efforts at essential workplaces.

Cleanty V2

When living in a city, it’s impossible to avoid all the potentially harmful bacteria hiding in the grit and grime of surfaces, but the Cleanty V2 is a new product that makes it easier to bust the likeliest culprits. The handheld LED wand uses powerful UVC light to kill bacteria and germs, sterilizing surfaces in as little as a few seconds.

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ACI MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS – Chance to save $12,000

Canadian Inventors Association now offers membership plans for everyone looking to expand their business and build potential connections. If you are an inventor, businessman, entrepreneur, or you want to market a product we are giving you the opportunity to do so for an incredibly minimal price and a great package.

Every package is curated keeping in mind all your needs and maximum benefits offered for you as our main goal is customer satisfaction and helping others promote their business in the best ways possible. We offer Regular, Premium, Business, and VIP Association of Canadian Inventors membership as follows. Each member will receive an ACI membership ID card, certificate.

Other Law agents or Patent attorneys charge about $40,000 to get your entire work done. However, at PatentK we only charge $12,000, and by having one of the membership plans you can SAVE even more! Assuming you have 2 patents ongoing, 3 OAs per patent, and all prosecutions finish within 2 years.

So Hurry Up & APPLY NOW!

After you applied:

1. We will review your application

2. We will approve applicants who meet the criterion and send them a membership e-mail

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EELUME the ‘snake robot’ can fix pipelines on the ocean floor

The deep-sea oil and gas industry has a vast and costly infrastructure to maintain. Wells, other equipment, and thousands of kilometers of the pipeline must be installed, inspected, and repaired. Now, cutting-edge underwater drones and robots are being developed that could make the work safer, cheaper, and less polluting.

Among them is Eelume, a six-meter-long, snake-like robot kitted out with #sensors and a camera at each end. It can be kept at a docking station at depths up to 500 meters (547 yards) for six months, without being brought back to the surface. The self-propelling robot can travel up to 20 kilometers before needing to return to its station to recharge and can swap out parts for different tasks, including tools to operate subsea valves, and cleaning brushes to remove marine growth and sediments.

Maintenance work at many deep-water wells and pipeline systems is already carried out by unmanned vehicles. But these vehicles typically need to be transported to the offshore site on a fully crewed ship and then remotely operated from onboard the surface vessel. That can cost up to $100,000 per day, according to Pål Liljebäck, chief technology officer with Eelume Subsea Intervention, which developed the robot.

#Eelume can work autonomously on tasks assigned from a control room onshore, and send back video and data. Its snake-like design allows it to work in confined spaces and wriggle its body to stay in place in strong currents. By docking under the sea, it can be deployed whatever the conditions on the surface of the ocean.

Article by CNN Business

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Apple files patent for ‘light-absorbing’ matt black finish for MacBooks

If you’ve always found Apple’s products too shiny, or insufficiently shadowy, you’ll be pleased by the company’s latest patent activity. A new patent application, Anodized Part Having A Matte Black Appearance, describes a new type of anodizing that can “absorb” light to make a matt black color look even darker, MacRumors reports. By etching small pores in the top layer, more light will be absorbed by the metal, giving a darker black that doesn’t reflect light.

The concept is in many ways reminiscent of the color #Vantablack, which absorbs 99.965% of all light and is one of the darkest substances known to man.

Apple doesn’t specify in the patent that this would be used on a laptop, and indeed pictures of a phone, tablet, and smartwatch appear alongside a laptop in the related images. But the MacBook range is the most obvious application for such technology.

As usual, a patent application is not proof that a matt black MacBook is on the way – we wouldn’t, for example, bet money on such a color finish being offered for the new 14in MacBook Pro – but it certainly points us towards the development areas Apple currently finds interesting.

For more Patent application-related information check out our official page

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The World’s First Rollable smartphone is coming in 2021


LG’s tease of its Rollable smartphone at its CES 2021 press conference isn’t just for show. The Korean company will release the phone later this year, according to people familiar with LG’s plans. 

The brief glimpse of the phone was the second tease of the Rollable, which has a display that extends upward to create a larger, more tablet-like screen. Presumably, the bottom of the phone, when it’s in landscape mode, has a mechanism that furls and unfurls the display, similar to how its rollable OLED televisions work — but on a smaller scale. 

The LG Rollable only showed up in two videos bookending the press conference and the executives on stage didn’t mention the device. That led to speculation that it was only a concept device, not ready for prime time. TCL later Monday showed off two concepts for rollable phones, including a larger 17-inch tablet that unfurled from both ends, like a treasure map, but those appear to be far away from an actual product.

LG Rollable is the rollable smartphone from LG and could be the first commercially available rollable smartphone. Oppo has also showcased the rollable smartphone but it’s a concept and LG Rollable looks like will be a mass-produced device that people can actually buy. LG could unveil the LG Rollable in March 2021