Tent-desk to “isolate yourself from noise” during smart working

by Alessio Iannicelli19 October 2020 in Eureka!InventionsLife

A Japanese company has designed a special desk-tent that allows you to isolate yourself from confusion and find the concentration you need during smart working 

Tent-desk to "isolate yourself from noise" during smart working

The Coronavirus emergency has changed the way we live and work. In the last six months, tens of thousands of workers around the world have experienced new ways of working telematically and remotely. Working from home certainly has advantages: it saves time, money and we don’t have to dress well to go to the office. But smart working also has its flaws, especially if you are forced to work in a house populated by noisy children, intrusive siblings or nosy parents. To help workers find the right concentration, a company in Japan has designed and put on sale a special “desk-tent” that guarantees privacy and total isolation. The structure is foldable and closable. It can be installed (in a few minutes) in the living room of the house and allows you to isolate yourself from the hustle and bustle of the home. In what way? Just watch the tutorial video made by manufacturer to understand how to find peace of mind.

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The smart working desk-tent

The tent is called 200-TENT001 and is presented as “an intimate and cosy space” designed especially for the smart working people. The base is circular and – once assembled – looks like a black fabric cubicle. Inside, there is enough space for a chair and a small desk where to place the PC. On the walls of the tent, there is a skylight and a small side window that allow natural light to enter. To work at night, you can hang a light bulb on a hook hanging from the ceiling. The Japanese designers have thought of everything and have provided pockets and compartments where to put water bottles or other small objects necessary to carry out their work. The sale price is 8000 Japanese yen, just over 70 euros.

Tent-desk to "isolate yourself from noise" during smart working