A flying suit to save mountaineers in difficulty

 by Alessio Iannicelli02 October 2020 in Prototypes

Gravity Industries has developed a flying suit that can reach an altitude of 3600 meters and reach 51 km/h: it will be used in Great Britain for mountain rescue.

A new superhero watches over the safety of mountaineers. At least in Great Britain. Gravity Industries – a British company specializing in the design and construction of flying suits – has developed a device designed specifically for mountain rescue. It is a flying suit that will add “superpowers” to the rescuers who have to intervene in case of emergency in the British mountains. Once worn, the suit allows you to hover vertically from the ground and fly with extreme speed and agility. Thanks to five turbines capable of developing 1000 bhp of power, the device can reach a speed of 51 kilometers per hour and an altitude of 3600 meters. These features make the suit particularly suitable for rescue and rescue missions at high altitude, drastically reducing the response time to requests for help. A simulation has shown that a paramedic can reach a person in difficulty in 90 seconds: on foot, on the other hand, it would have taken as long as 25 minutes. A difference of almost 24 minutes that, in an emergency, could make the difference between life and death.

A flying suit to save mountaineers in difficulty

At the moment, the flying suit is being field tested. The power and safety, design and weight will be improved in the coming months based on the feedback provided by the rescuers and mountaineers who will use it in this first testing phase. According to the developers, the wearable flight device would not require a particular patent to be used. It only takes a few minutes with an instructor to understand how it works and be able to fly safely. Or, at least, so says the inventor Richard Browning. At the end of the test phase, the flying suit will be made available to British Mountain Rescue and will be used for rescue missions requiring maximum speed.

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