Wellness Devices to Mask-Sanitizing Latest Gadget Concepts 2021

The Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool is one of the latest appliances from the technology brand that aims to deliver exceptional cleaning and comfort capabilities for users when utilized in the home. The unit boasts a three-in-one profile that will work to purify the air, add humidity, and offer heat relief to maximize the number of tasks that a single appliance can do.

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool
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Uster’ UVC Sterilizing Light

The need to sanitize surfaces, technology, and more has become imperative for many consumers looking to get back to their daily life in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, so brands are responding with products like the ‘Uster’ UVC Sterilizing Light.

The wand-like device works in one of three modes including handheld, hanging, and standing that will enable users to customize the way in which it operates. A series of 16 UV lights are built into the unit consisting of six UV-C and 10 UVA that will work to eradicate 99.9% of the bacteria and germs that could be lurking on the surface of products.

The ‘Manara’ minimalist desk lamp is a design-conscious fixture for the home or office that will bring a touch of intelligence to the simple process of illuminating a space. Designed by Australia-based startup design company Project57, the lamp enables users to customize the functionality to suit their specific needs or preferences. This could include changing the color, gradient, or brightness level to suit their space and help them enjoy a healthier level of illumination that doesn’t detract from their aesthetic.
‘Proof of Health’

Estimote, a startup company that focuses on Bluetooth technology, created a new product that could help contact tracing efforts to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Steve Cheney, the co-founder of the company, puts forth his belief that the device could play a role in enhancing workplace safety for essential workers.

The device is named ‘Proof of Health’ and it features a passive GPS, as well as Bluetooth and an ultra-wideband radio, and built-in LTE. The device has settings depending on the user’s health, which can be changed if they have been exposed to a potential infection. Following this, the device will be able to indicate the other people the user has come in contact with. Overall the device could help employers improve contact tracing efforts at essential workplaces.

Cleanty V2


When living in a city, it’s impossible to avoid all the potentially harmful bacteria hiding in the grit and grime of surfaces, but the Cleanty V2 is a new product that makes it easier to bust the likeliest culprits. The handheld LED wand uses powerful UVC light to kill bacteria and germs, sterilizing surfaces in as little as a few seconds.

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